Adidas to release two new lightweight street “hitters”

Adidas shot

It appears as if the month of July will be a BIG month for lifestyle apparel brand Adidas and fans of their NMD silhouettes. Next month we can look forward to the release of the “White OG” and the “Black” NMD City Sock.

Both sneakers are noticeably lightweight and breathable – which makes them each a solid contender for sneaker of the year.

Come July 15, we’ll be seeing a lot of US Instagrammers and Tweeps ranting and making noise about the new street style sneakers from Adidas…

While we in the motherland wait for the new range of sneakers to hit our shores. Guess we will have to exercise what is extremely hard – PATIENCE!


Facebook tackles sports arena with new in-app platform


A few days ago Reuters reported that social network giant; Facebook launched a new in-app platform called “Facebook Sports Stadium” which provides real-time updates on games, popular posts from fans, expert commentary and match statistics.

The new service appears to be an effort to invade Twitter’s territory. The micro-blogging site has long been the landscape for live-tweeting stadia experiences and sports games.

Facebook Sports Stadium” could become a great attempt capturing in the moment engagement.

“Currently the new service covers American football games and comes ahead of the Super Bowl on 7 February, but in the future the service will support other sports including basketball, baseball, soccer, rugby and cricket”, said Facebook.

Facebook’s non-chronological news feed made it difficult to follow real-time sports engagement. Many sports fans across the global that use Facebook aren’t on Twitter and the introduction of “Facebook Sports Stadium” could potentially see the social network increase its 1.55 billion communities.

The new Facebook service gives every action its own post and users can like, comment on or even share passes, kicks and scores.

Should the new innovation be a winner, surely advertisers and sponsors who love to reach out to large audiences will buy into “Sports Stadium”.

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Nike’s latest sportswear innovation


Nike Knit

International sports apparel brand Nike, is introducing another technological knit collection complementing its ever popular tech fleece elegance.

Designed to respond to the wearer’s environment and activity level, the fabric is engineered for warmth and comfort, and is meant to cater to everyday activities as well as vigorous workouts.

In order to enhance flexibility and ventilation Nike have added ergonomic zones into the fabric of the Knit Windrunner. The areas on the jacket that are subject to the most use are reinforced and structured to provide added warmth. Meanwhile, the Tech Knit Pants boast innovative layering and stitching that is informed by heat mapping. The knit construction in turn creates warmth and ventilation where needed.

Nike is scheduled to release the Tech Knit collection some time in February with the collection available online and selected walk-in stores.

Target Market: Sports personalities, roadrunners and gym goers.

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The latest hair craze

glow hair

“Glow in the dark hair” is the latest fun and exciting fashion trend to take the internet by storm.

The hair colouring trend has been around for a while, but only started to cause an outrage a few days ago with those following the trend globally posting and sharing pictures of coloured hair on social media sites like tumblr, Snapchat and Instagram.

Previously – other cool glow in the dark trends took the internet by storm and it’s no surprise that the recent glow in the dark craze is fast grabbing global attention.

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Top 5 hot #CES2016 techno picks

Although I’ve not been fortunate enough to be in Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show this year. The buzz of new technology and the closer we trod toward artificial intelligence is something that greatly drives me. Which starts with my first of the top 5:

1. Netatmo Presence


A nifty gadget for South Africans as we battle an ever-threatening crime rate, the Presence is a smart security camera. It will alert you via text message by analysing the scene so if it finds someone snooping outside your house or delivering a package. My favourite part: it only saves the videos of noteworthy events saving you from hours of worthless footage accumulating on your cloud.

2. AtmosFlare 3D Drawing

Atmos Flare

This is one cool advancement in 3D creation. A pen using UV light allows you to draw 3D images, allowing you to create your art without any material like clay or putty. Where 3D printing is heading into a pretty limitless space, this is a cheaper option that is almost as freeing. Definitely worth trying if you’re artistically inclined.

3. Parrot Disco Drone


Excitement level: off the roof. Pun intended. The Disco is a drone that you can build yourself then set into the sky. It has a top speed of 80kph and operates for 45 minutes after one charge within a 2 kilometre radius. You can fly it with controls by Parrot (aptly named the Parrot Skycontroller), an app on your smartphone or you can program it to fly itself over a navigation course of your choice and it will take off and land by itself. It makes remote-controlled helicopters look like…well toys.

4. Vayyar’s 3D Sensing


When you think of X-ray goggles, this is what it looks like in 2016. Using radio waves, processing them and developing a 3D image for us to marvel at and absorb. It can track employees without leaving the office, parents can use it as a baby monitor and it even detects cancerous tissue. Very useful.

5. Oculus Rift VR


Virtual reality is at its height of popularity right now and the Rift headset is taking it further. It comes with Oculus Touch hand controls which allows you to for example – using the Paint App – sculpt or mould your own art creations with any material you choose. Furthermore, you could print your creations via a 3D printer and make it a thing of reality.

The piece was written by our technology contributor and gadgets lover Adhiti Naidoo.  

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Samsung Bio-Processor is small in size, but big in versatility

Samsung Bio processor

The Samsung Bio-Processor

Samsung’s Bio-Processor is the industry’s first all-in-one health solution chip.

The Samsung Bio-Processor is designed to allow accelerated development of innovative wearable products for consumers who are increasingly monitoring their health and fitness on a daily basis.


The device which processes five different biometric signals is the most versatile health and fitness monitoring chip and Samsung expects the Bio-Processor to open up many new health-based service options for consumers.


It’s believed that the device is currently in mass production and will be available in fitness/health devices within the first half of 2016.


The Samsung Bio-Processor measures:


  • Skin temperature;
  • Heart rate and heart rhythm;
  • Body fat and skeletal muscle mass;
  • And stress level.


If you’re obsessed with living a healthy lifestyle and knowing your health status, the Samsung Bio-Processor could be the perfect gadget to keep by your side.


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