Samsung Bio-Processor is small in size, but big in versatility

Samsung Bio processor

The Samsung Bio-Processor

Samsung’s Bio-Processor is the industry’s first all-in-one health solution chip.

The Samsung Bio-Processor is designed to allow accelerated development of innovative wearable products for consumers who are increasingly monitoring their health and fitness on a daily basis.


The device which processes five different biometric signals is the most versatile health and fitness monitoring chip and Samsung expects the Bio-Processor to open up many new health-based service options for consumers.


It’s believed that the device is currently in mass production and will be available in fitness/health devices within the first half of 2016.


The Samsung Bio-Processor measures:


  • Skin temperature;
  • Heart rate and heart rhythm;
  • Body fat and skeletal muscle mass;
  • And stress level.


If you’re obsessed with living a healthy lifestyle and knowing your health status, the Samsung Bio-Processor could be the perfect gadget to keep by your side.


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