Top 5 hot #CES2016 techno picks

Although I’ve not been fortunate enough to be in Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show this year. The buzz of new technology and the closer we trod toward artificial intelligence is something that greatly drives me. Which starts with my first of the top 5:

1. Netatmo Presence


A nifty gadget for South Africans as we battle an ever-threatening crime rate, the Presence is a smart security camera. It will alert you via text message by analysing the scene so if it finds someone snooping outside your house or delivering a package. My favourite part: it only saves the videos of noteworthy events saving you from hours of worthless footage accumulating on your cloud.

2. AtmosFlare 3D Drawing

Atmos Flare

This is one cool advancement in 3D creation. A pen using UV light allows you to draw 3D images, allowing you to create your art without any material like clay or putty. Where 3D printing is heading into a pretty limitless space, this is a cheaper option that is almost as freeing. Definitely worth trying if you’re artistically inclined.

3. Parrot Disco Drone


Excitement level: off the roof. Pun intended. The Disco is a drone that you can build yourself then set into the sky. It has a top speed of 80kph and operates for 45 minutes after one charge within a 2 kilometre radius. You can fly it with controls by Parrot (aptly named the Parrot Skycontroller), an app on your smartphone or you can program it to fly itself over a navigation course of your choice and it will take off and land by itself. It makes remote-controlled helicopters look like…well toys.

4. Vayyar’s 3D Sensing


When you think of X-ray goggles, this is what it looks like in 2016. Using radio waves, processing them and developing a 3D image for us to marvel at and absorb. It can track employees without leaving the office, parents can use it as a baby monitor and it even detects cancerous tissue. Very useful.

5. Oculus Rift VR


Virtual reality is at its height of popularity right now and the Rift headset is taking it further. It comes with Oculus Touch hand controls which allows you to for example – using the Paint App – sculpt or mould your own art creations with any material you choose. Furthermore, you could print your creations via a 3D printer and make it a thing of reality.

The piece was written by our technology contributor and gadgets lover Adhiti Naidoo.  

Twitter: @AdhitiN

Facebook: Aditi Naidoo


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