Nike’s latest sportswear innovation


Nike Knit

International sports apparel brand Nike, is introducing another technological knit collection complementing its ever popular tech fleece elegance.

Designed to respond to the wearer’s environment and activity level, the fabric is engineered for warmth and comfort, and is meant to cater to everyday activities as well as vigorous workouts.

In order to enhance flexibility and ventilation Nike have added ergonomic zones into the fabric of the Knit Windrunner. The areas on the jacket that are subject to the most use are reinforced and structured to provide added warmth. Meanwhile, the Tech Knit Pants boast innovative layering and stitching that is informed by heat mapping. The knit construction in turn creates warmth and ventilation where needed.

Nike is scheduled to release the Tech Knit collection some time in February with the collection available online and selected walk-in stores.

Target Market: Sports personalities, roadrunners and gym goers.

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