Facebook tackles sports arena with new in-app platform


A few days ago Reuters reported that social network giant; Facebook launched a new in-app platform called “Facebook Sports Stadium” which provides real-time updates on games, popular posts from fans, expert commentary and match statistics.

The new service appears to be an effort to invade Twitter’s territory. The micro-blogging site has long been the landscape for live-tweeting stadia experiences and sports games.

Facebook Sports Stadium” could become a great attempt capturing in the moment engagement.

“Currently the new service covers American football games and comes ahead of the Super Bowl on 7 February, but in the future the service will support other sports including basketball, baseball, soccer, rugby and cricket”, said Facebook.

Facebook’s non-chronological news feed made it difficult to follow real-time sports engagement. Many sports fans across the global that use Facebook aren’t on Twitter and the introduction of “Facebook Sports Stadium” could potentially see the social network increase its 1.55 billion communities.

The new Facebook service gives every action its own post and users can like, comment on or even share passes, kicks and scores.

Should the new innovation be a winner, surely advertisers and sponsors who love to reach out to large audiences will buy into “Sports Stadium”.

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